The IT Department of Carmel College organized a talk on ‘Hour of Code’ in order to commemorate “Computer Awareness Week” which was from 7th -12th December. The ‘Hour of Code’ was organized on 10-12-2015 and F.Y. students of all the streams were invited. The spokesperson for the day was Mr. Jonathan Pereira co-founder of an IT software company known as ‘Espressotive’.

The speaker introduced to us the actual meaning of ‘Hour of Code’ that is how learning a few blocks of code can create an innovative application or could be used to bring an animated character into life for example: A series of videos were shown to explain the speaker’s perspective. He also lured us to a topic called as Google Glass-where a person can click a selfie, shoot a video, share it or make video calls just by a voice command and later on many such concepts were discussed by the esteemed speaker. Finally, he advised students to try the ‘Hour of Code’ atleast once so that everyone can benefit from learning the basics.

At the end, the event was concluded with a vote of thanks by the IT Department faculty. Lastly, gratitude of thanks was offered on behalf of the Principal, staff members and the entire carmel campus to the Co-founders of ‘Espressotive’ Mr. Jonathan Pereira and Mr. Sudhir Shetty and the entire team.