The Department of History- Carmel College organised a field trip on 22nd August 2015, for the students of TYBA History. 33 students went on the trip accompanied by their teachers Ms. Leila Ribeiro, Mr. Agnelo Pereira, and Mr. Sanford Pereira.

The journey by bus began at 8. 30am from the college premises. The first halt was the Martyr’s Chapel at Cuncolim; Ms Leila Ribeiro explained to the students, the significance of the 14th July 1583 incident, wherein 50 Jesuit priests were slain by the rebels, for their evangelisation work. While the Church exalted these missionaries as martyrs and condemned the rebels, recent studies have also given due weightage to the rebels, hailing them as the first fighters in Goa’s freedom struggle.

The bus then proceeded to Fatorpa- Quepem, where the students were shown three temples- the Temple of Kuncolienkarin, the Shantadurga Temple and the Maruthi Temple. Students were made aware of the fact that because the Portuguese were on a temple- destroying spree, in the areas under their control, people fled with their deities outside the Portuguese ambit to places like Fatorpa, Canacona etc. and built temples there in honour of their deities. Ms. Leila Ribeiro related to the students the etymology of the names and legends associated with these temples, which kept the students even more engrossed listening to such myths. Students were awestruck seeing the huge carved raths i.e. chariots taken out during the famous Fatorpa Zatra.

On the way while proceeding to Canacona, students alighted to see a natural phenomenon – a tree in the shape of Lord Ganesha’s face, remarkable indeed the manner in which nature has its way of honouring our Gods and Goddesses.

Having reached Canacona, students alighted to see the 16th century architectural marvel- the Shri Mallikarjun Temple dedicated to God Mallika, a reincarnation of Shiva. Here too the importance of the temple was brought out, with students being told about the Great Battle, wherein Lord Shiva defeated a demon and saved one of the Pandava Brothers- Arjuna.

Ms. Ribeiro urged the students to pay close attention to the fine architectural details of the temple- the ceilings, pillars, statues, one of the columns being used as an Oracle, which tells fortunes by flower petals.

After a good deal of learning, it was also time to relax, which was done by spending time in the refreshing waters of Kuskem Waterfalls and the Palolem beach and admiring the beauty of nature.

All in all, it was study cum enjoyment packed session, which was thoroughly fulfilling and enriching at the end of the day. The Department of History is grateful to our Principal Rev. Dr. Aradhana AC, for allowing us on this trip.