The IQAC of Carmel College for Women in collaboration with YWCA inaugurated the Health Cell at the Carmel College on 30th June 2016.

The Health Cell was started in keeping with the theme “Visioning with the Young”, the purpose being to educate young women about health related issues.

700 students of Carmel College and Higher Secondary were present. Photographs, brochures, reading material and membership forms were all laid out for the students to browse through. The IQAC member Dr. Aldina Gomes & the Principal Dr. Sr. Aradhana welcomed the YWCA team and introduced them to the Higher Secondary & College students.

The Board member of YWCA Ms Althea introduced the YWCA. She spoke on YWCA at global, national & regional level giving statistics of each one. She elaborated on the past events of the YWCA Goa along with the goals of the YWCA. She focused on the importance of Youth coming forward to join the organisation.

Dr. Deepa heading the Health Cell addressed the students on the aim of having this programme. She mentioned that the sessions would be once a month. The July camp would be on Haemoglobin testing & talk on Anaemia, August would be on Breast feeding & September on nutrition and on dealing with examination stress.

She encouraged them to come forward with topics of their choice and to put their queries in the question box which would be kept in the Co-operative stores.

This was followed by a video on YWCA International which was very enlightening. The President of the YWCA Ms Glenda in her address encouraged the students to become members of YWCA. She thanked Dr. Sr. Aradhana for giving the YWCA an opportunity to have programmes in collaboration with them. 15 students enrolled as members of YWCA.