On Wednesday, July 27, 2016, Department of Botany of Carmel College organized a guest lecture for the Semester III & V students of Botany &  was open to all the students of Botany from various colleges of Goa. The guest speaker was Dr. Manguesh Uttam Gauns, Senior Scientist, Biological Oceanography Division, CSIR- National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula, Goa.


 In a nutshell, Dr. Gauns presented the various aspects of Phytoplanktons through an effective Power point presentation. The exhaustive scientific facts on these microscopic plants included the historical review with reference to the discovery, morphology, habitat specificity, physico – chemical parameters affecting the growth & reproduction & the ecological significance in general with special reference to food chains & food webs in aquatic ecosystems. He ascertained the role of planktons in primary productivity in aquatic environments which in turn affects the fisheries, thereby the relevance in the economy of a country.

The various laboratory equipments for collection & for experimentation on phytoplanktons also were discussed during the lecture. Dr. Gauns enlightened the students on the nature of projects undertaken on phytoplanktons by NIO & the research prospects for graduates in this regard.

The session was interactive as the students enthusiastic ally participated, thus making the program a fruitful one.

In addition to the Sem. III & V students of Botany from Carmel College, 38 students in all from P.E. S. S.R. S.N. College, Farmgudi (27) & Government College, Quepem attended the lecture.