The Department of Psychology organized a guest lecture, inviting Mr. Manoj Patel, coach and trainer of  endurance sports  to speak on “FITNESS AND WELL BEING: The Benefits of Endurance Sports on Mental Health” on the 28th of July, 2017.  Although Mr. Patel is a Mechanical Engineer by profession, he has taken to marathon running during the last 5 years. Today his main focus is to motivate people to take to sports as a way to cope with life stressors.  Mr. Patel enlightenened the faculty and students with his personal testimony on how running has changed the pace of his life to new and healthy directions, and also that of others. He highlighted the benefits of running, emphasizing on how it improves psychological well-being. With additional physical benefits of increased stamina and endurance, it facilitates a profound increase in general health, decreasing the early onset of diseases especially chronic diseases. He concluded with instilling a sense of determination to encourage the students to start their day early with a run, and aspire to adhere to the routine as much as possible.