On Saturday, the 27th of August, 2016, Semester V of T.Y. B.Sc. Botany students were taken for a one day field trip to Sulcorna village, situated in Quepem taluka of South Goa district of Goa.

The eastern border of Quepem is bordered by the forests of Western Ghats. River Kushavati which originates from the dense forests of W. Ghats, nourishes the taluka. Hence the floral wealth of this area is abundant.   The prime geographical location and luxuriant supply of natural resources like water & fertile land, has helped in developing sustainable agricultural lands & farming activities in and around.

The hillock behind Don Bosco Agricultural College was surveyed for wild floral components. More than 50 sps. of flowering plants were identified from this place. Rauwolfia serpentina, Hemidesmus indicus, Holarrenha antidesenterica etc. were some of the medicinal plants identified. Terminalia chebula, Terminalia paniculata, Dalbergia sisoo etc. were some tree sps. in the locality. Fruiting bodies of fungi like Ganoderma sp. was a common sight. Many bryophytes like Cyathodium sp., Octoblepharum albidum, Fissidens sp. etc. also were identified.

Sugarcane cultivation was found in and around the village in addition to Coconut & Arecanut plantations. Banana cultivation also was so common. Rarely, Cashew nut plantations also were visible.