The TYBA literature students of Carmel College of Arts, Commerce and Science for Women, Nuvem, Goa went on a ferry ride along the Zuari river on 7TH July, 2015. The idea for the ride was evoked by the poem ‘Boat-ride along the Ganga’ by Keki Daruwalla which is prescribed for the Indian Writing in English course in Semester 5. We began our journey from Carmel College to Cortalim in cars accompanied by Sir Brian Mendonça, our English professor, and ma’am Leila Ribeiro, our History professor. Midstream we discovered that the ferry was not going to Agaçaim but to Madkai, Ponda! We could feel the cool breeze touch our cheeks and enjoyed the beautiful scene of nature filled with coconut trees.We were lucky to reach the highest point on the deck of the ferry, where the ferry operating staff were friendly and welcomed us without any problem. It took almost 25 minutes to reach the other side. We returned in the same ferry as our main focus was only the ferry ride. While returning ma’am Leila Ribeiro and Arvia Godinho, sang the famous riverside songs in Konkani ‘Hanv Saiba Poltodi Veta’ and ‘Vodekara’. Nayantara Almeida asked Sir Brian to read his poem ‘Kali Gandak’ written on the Gandak river near Patna, which he did. The ferry-ride evoked poetry in all of us. The scene inspired us, speaking to us through the breeze saying:

‘Feel me, when I blow your hair.

Keep your ears wide open

As I have lots to tell.

Tell the world the scenery is complete

With trees and plants.

If we destroy all this

This scenery is extinct

Save our mother earth

Because it brings heaven on earth’.


                                                                                                                                                        By Arvia Godinho (TYBA)