On the occasion of this year -2016- being declared as the ‘International Year of Pulses’ by Unites Nations(UN) & Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), an exhibition on pulses was organised by the students of F.Y., S.Y. & T.Y. B.Sc. Botany, Carmel College, Nuvem under the supervision & guidance of the faculty members of the department on Thursday, 22nd  September, 2016.

13 types of pulses were on display like Adzuki beans, Black-eyed pea, Black gram, Chick pea, Green gram, Green pea, Horse gram, Kidney bean, Navy bean, Pigeon pea, Red lentil, Soya beans and Sparkle kidney beans. In addition split grams of Black gram, Chick pea, Green gram, Pigeon pea & Red lentil also were displayed.

Each type of pulse was exhibited with common name / vernacular name, scientific name with family & medicinal uses along with other utilities if any. A poster was displayed with briefings on the significance of IYP-2016, nutritional value of pulses, general uses other than its food value, world production of pulses, etc.

Nutritive & healthy dishes were one among the attractions of the exhibition. Method of extraction of Soya milk was displayed along with freshly prepared Soya milk. Few art pieces made of pulses also stole the show. The exhibition was open to the staff & students of Carmel Higher Secondary School & College. Students along with staff from 2 neighbouring schools in Nuvem – Mae Dos Pobres High School & Holy Rosary Convent School, also visited the venue.

The displays were completely eco- friendly as they were exhibited on leaves of ‘Flame of the forest’ (Butea monosperma) & Jackfruit tree (Artocarpus heterophyllus).