The Department of Economics, Carmel College for women organized its annual Educational Tour to Mumbai, from 5th September 2016 to 9th September 2016. In all 14 students from TYBA and SYBA (Economics) were accompanied by 3 faculty members of the department.

The objective of the trip was to give the students an exposure to the leading and the world’s fastest stock exchange that is the Bombay Stock exchange, Reserve Bank of India Monetary Museum, The massive Asiatic society, Mumbai, State Central Library, The Film City at Goregaon etc.

 The students and the faculty attended an interactive lecture session in the palatial convention hall, formerly known as the Dalal Street, organized by the faculty of BSE Mr. Suhas Worlikar and Mr. Roy Aranha. Mr. Worlikar explained how in earlier days, the share dealers and the buyers would come together and shout the price of the shares and dealing would take place. Besides the students were informed about the various online certificate courses which they can enroll for.

 The visit to the RBI Monetary Museum enthralled the entire team. An exclusive section of the museum exhibited India’s contemporary currency ranging from printing and minting of currency.

 The Indian coinage section gave a glimpse into the Punch marked coins and the various types of coins that existed from the Gupta period to Post Gupta Period and from medieval period to British Indian coinage till the Republic India coinage.

 The trip was indeed a learning experience as students were benefited not only academically, but were exposed to the fast life of Mumbai, travelling in crowded trains, buses, rickshaws and not to miss the metro journey.