It is said that inorder to truly appreciate and explore the rich biodiversity of Goa, one must go trekking during the monsoon. On the 10th of August, the Department of Economics of Carmel College organized an eco trek to Saavri waterfalls, located at Netravalli in the Western Ghats to infuse in the students the bond with nature. After traversing through the winding roads of the Ghats, we finally reached Netravalli around 10.30 am. Everyone was bubbling with energy and excitement. But that did not last long as after almost half an hour of an uphill walk, everyone was gasping for breath. To make it to the sight of the majestic waterfall was what kept us determined! The soothing sound of the gushing water accelerated our pace. And then finally through all the tasks and slippery paths, we were finally there! The sight was ethereal- the clouds were stooping to touch the mountains, and amidst it all it seemed like heaven was pouring milk into an overflowing cup. The waterfall was lofty and exalted. Everyone plunged into the freezing water, forgetting all about their aching legs and backs.

Travelling back was all the more adventurous. We had to wade our way through the raging and powerful streams. It made us realize how weak we humans are against the force of nature. On the way back we halted at the Tanshikar Spice Plantation where we ravished on the sumptuous traditional lunch at 4.00 pm! At the end of our nature trail, the feeling was exhilarating as we conquered many hurdles. With aching legs, stinking bodies, thrilled minds, and mesmerized hearts, we commenced our journey back home.