The Department of English boasts of well qualified faculty members: Ms. Roxana Singh, Dr. Glenis Mendonca, Dr. Brian Mendonca, Ms. Ashwini Kumar ; who are involved in delivering syllabi in Language, Literature, Communication Skills, Business Communication, Digital Story-telling, as well as mainstream literary studies. The Department guides Final Year B.A Projects drawn from Literature and Media Studies.

Alumni from the Department have gone on to further studies at prestigious institutions like Xavier Institute of Communications, Sophia Polytechnic –Mumbai; and hold successful jobs and pursue careers in teaching, public relations, event management and as journalists in leading newspapers ranging from the Indian Express to Gulf News.

The Department encourages co-curricular activities wholeheartedly and has nurtured student leaders to be General and Cultural Secretaries of the College.

It also hosts and trains students for Seminars, Literature festivals and for the Carmel Orator Contest.Activities like creative writing workshops, guest lectures, meet the author interface, encourage interactive teaching learning.

The Kaala Ghoda field trip to Mumbai conducted once every two years to the Performance and Literary Arts Festival in Mumbai, gives students invaluable exposu

re to visual and performance arts, drama and mass media.

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Department of Hindi offers a B.A degree in Hindi with an option of 3 units

Teaching Faculty : Dr. Lata G. Shirodkar and Ms. Sweta R. Sattarkar


  • Organizing and Participating in seminars at the National level.
  • Inter-collegiate competition on “ Kahani Ka Natya Rupantaran ”and “Vigyapan Lekhan ”.
  • Participation of students in various inter-collegiate activities.
  • Study trips.
  • Organizing Hindi Day – Inter Class competitions in poetry recitation, essay writing, making an advertisement, slogan writing.
  • Yearly News Letter “ Samvaad ”.

Career Options in Hindi  

  1. Academic     – Teaching in schools, colleges, universities and research.
  2. Corporate     – Banks & Central Government offices in the field of literary and administrative translation.
  3. Online Translation – Hindi to Foreign Language and vice- versa.
  4. Mass Media – Script Writing, dubbing, in the field of Advertising.
  5. Journalism – Print as well as in electronic media.

कोंकणी भाशेचो उपयोग करून,

साहित्यीक सृजनशील साहित्यकार घडोवप.


Ms. Akalpita Raut Desai – Associate Professor

Areas of Interest:  Indian Linguistic, Indian Poetics and Literary Criticism.

Ms. Queenie Viegas – Associate Professor

Areas of Interest:  Modern Konkani Poems,  Konkani Drama – Natak and Tiatr and Modern Translation.

Ms. Pooja Sangodkar– Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest: History of Old and new Konkani Language and Literature and Modern Research

Department Highlights:

Regular Field trips, study tour etc.

Meet the author/artist.

Annual Intercollegiate state level Poetry competition.

Participation in seminars and Workshops at State, National and International levels.

Inter-class competitions (Sao joao Kopel, Wild flower arrangement etc.)

Participation in competitions at state and National level (Poetry, creative writing, Street Play, Yuva Mahotsav etc)

Career options:

  • Teaching
  • Anchors
  • Creative writing
  • Translators, linguist , lexicography
  • Journalism in electronic and print media
  • Tour guiding
  • Research
  • Professional Occupation (Drama Artists, Publication, etc)
  • Service in private and Government Sector.

Activities of the department

The faculty imparts enriching knowledge of the local language encouraging the students to participate in inter-collegiate events like quiz competitions, Sahitya Sammelan, Yuva Mahotsav, organizes field trips and study trips to historical and educational places. The faculty is actively involved in training students for inter collegiate street plays and drama, conducting workshops on translation, acting, creative writing, ‘cantar’ competitions, seminars, poetry recitation competitions and also career oriented programs in the field of Konkani language and literature.


A Fieldtrip to Cotigao wildlife Sanctuary

A one day field trip was organized to Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary , Canacona by the Department of Konkani for the TYBA students  on 13th July 2017 . Twenty two students accompanied by Ms. Akalpita Desai, Ms Queenie Viegas and Ms. Pooja Sangodkar went on this trip to study the different plants and creepers from the novel ‘ Aaranyakaand’ by Saraswati Samman awardee Mahabaleshwar Sail.

Report of Symposiums / Training Attended by Students 2016-17

  • 26 January, 2017- A State level Poetry Recitation Competition was organised by Gomantak kala Association Margao in which the following students participated .

(Ms. Alita  Dias and Ms. Maclina D’souza )

  • 09 February, 2017- A State level Seminar on “Tiatr”  was organised by  Rachol Seminary  ,Rachol in association with  Tiatr Academy of Goa which  was attended by the following students-

(Ms. Alita  Dias, Maclina D’Souza , Valenie Fernandes , Alkha Gauns)


Portuguese & French are optional languages at Semesters I and II of BA and have been offered for well over thirty years. The syllabi aim at improving the listening, understanding, conversing and writing skills of the students; the systematic study of grammar, besides building up a more extensive practical vocabulary.

In Portuguese, variants, more specifically in areas of pronunciation and orthography in the Lusophone countries is emphasized.

Methodology includes plenty of classroom interaction, healthy debate and soul searching

FacultyFrench: Ms. Fatima Vaz e Coutinho

                Portuguese: Ms Nizia M. Moniz Barbosa

Job opportunities in Portuguese : Knowledge of the language, which ranks at fifth position among languages spoken world-wide opens up job opportunities in all the Lusophone countries, more so as the English speaking skills in these countries is at most limited. Our students are advantaged in that they already have good command over the English language and even a working knowledge of Portuguese gives them an edge in the job market.

MNCs catering to clients in the Lusophone and Francophone countries, diplomatic missions and the media need interpreters.

Goa has a dearth of qualified teachers of Portuguese and French from high school to university levels. Lawyers need to be well- versed in Portuguese, an essential factor to the proper interpretation of the Portuguese Common Civil Code.

There is today a serious dearth of translators. Historical, legal, literary and technical translation work has many openings in both languages.

Added Advantages: Cultural exchange programs between India and Portugal/France need competency in these languages.

In the case of Portuguese several Indo-Portuguese cultural foundations and language institutes have their offices in Goa and offer short-term as well as long-term scholarships for pursuing study or research. Goa has a vibrant Portuguese Film culture as well as drama, culinary and music festivals

Besides, a foreign language is always an asset!

The Department of Economics aims to:

Students are offered a B.A degree in economics with an option of six or three papers – along with 3 papers in any of the other subjects on offer in combination with Economics. This provides students an opportunity either to gain insight into fundamentals of Economics or to provide a firm foundation in the subject, facilitating smooth transition to higher studies in the subject.

i) Dr Anna Rovina Ferrao e Fernandes
Areas of interest: International Trade & Finance,Environmental Economics and Macro Economics.
ii) Ms Glancy Borges
Areas of interest: Business Economics and Research Methodology.
iii) Ms Rivya Dias
Areas of interest : Growth & Development, Indian Economy and Micro Economics
ii) Ms Pooja R. Yadav

  • New core courses such as Environmental Economics , Growth & Development and International Trade & Finance have been introduced which provide economic competence in the areas of both theoretical and applied economics, enhancing professional objectives of students.
  • Teaching-Learning Process The Department believes in complimenting lectures with student seminars, class discussions, subject related activities and educational visits to financial and non financial Institutions, to aid classroom learning. Personal supervision is given high priority. Every student’s academic progress is monitored and students are advised to choose options which will meet their goals and interests.

Beyond the curriculum                                                                 

  1. Add-on courses
  2. Career guidance talks.
  3. Study tours and field trips
  4. Guest lectures.
  5.  Quiz programs, debates, elocution competitions, post budget student presentations.
  6.  ECON – an annual inter- class competition.
  7. Participation of students in inter-collegiate events seminars & workshops at the state & national level.

The subject offers a range of career options in the following fields:
Academic     – Teaching and Research
Corporate     – Banks , Investment Firms,   Business   Journals, and Newspapers
Services       – Financial Services, IT, Tourism
Public Administration – Officers in Government Departments and Ministries

Students of the Department have won laurels for the college in various intercollegiate competitions. Graduating students obtain admissions in prestigious institutions in India for higher education. The Department boasts of consistently good results at the university exams with 100 per cent pass percentage over the last 5 years.

“History is a Greek word which means, Literally, Just, Investigation” by Arnold Toynbee
History is the very foundation of every institution, every science. It helps learn from past failures and successes in order to build a better future. History is the past and is always referred to in order to plan for the future.
The Department of History was started in the year 1966. Since then, it has made its mark. At present it has the largest number of students in the Arts faculty. It has had outstanding results at the third year level, in the last few years, with students topping in the subject and being awarded the prestigious Peter Alvares award. Our students of History are motivated to pursue their post-graduation studies at the university and those who seek economic independence are gainfully employed.
Faculty Members of the Department:

  1. Leila Ribeiro
  2. Mr. Agnelo Dias
  3. Mr. Sanford Pereira

Through the years, the Department of History has organized several activities ranging from National-level Seminars, workshops, history festivals, talks, visits, field trips, observing of national days, Mashaal Yatras, essay competitions, quizzes, poster displays, patriotic songs, folk dances and screening of movies.
Through all the above activities, the Department of History tries to foster a sense of patriotism and belongingness, with a view to nurturing students into responsible citizens of the future.
Career opportunities are in the area of postgraduate studies in History, Archaeology, Museology, Latin American Studies, research leading to a Ph.D., competitive exams like the I.A.S.,U.P.S.C., G.P.S.C., law, journalism, teaching, police services, management studies, travel and tourism and politics.

Vision: To train students to become enlightened and empowered citizens.

Mission: The Department of Political Science promotes excellence in teaching and seeks to provide students with a learning experience that will equip them to face the challenges of life. Political Science Major develops analytical and methodological skills that will empower the students for the challenging times ahead.

Faculty members:

Louise Ann Sequiera

Areas of interest:  Government and Politics of Goa and International Relations.


Areas of interest:  Public Administration and Human Rights.

Chris Antao

Areas of interest:   Political Economy of Goa and Political Thought


The Department conducts regular field trips for the students to different institutes of political significance such as Goa Legislative Assembly, Department of Political Science Goa University, The Goa Bench of the Bombay High Court, Goa Institute of Public Administration and Rural Development. Guest lectures by eminent persons on current issues and career guidance talks are  also conducted for the students.  The students of the Department have also been involved in election surveys conducted by the Election Commission of India/ Chief Electoral Officer Goa.

Students Performance:

The Department is proud of the good results secured by the students at the University exams. The students have received the Prof. G.D. Parikh Memorial Scholarship  for securing the  highest marks in Political Science at the University level.

Avenues in Political Science:

Students majoring in Political Science can pursue careers in

Teaching in   Higher Secondary Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Practice as lawyers in Civil and Criminal Courts and High Courts.

Answer competitive exams like GPSC and UPSC.

Pursue Research at Goa University, ICG, GIPARD and NGO’s.

Political journalist at Local and National dailies.

The department….
One of the oldest and most popular departments of the college.
It has a well equipped laboratory with a wide range of tests and instruments. It also has to its credit CogLab, which makes Practicum Psychology very easy and practical.
The faculty….
The Department consists of the following faculty members:
Dr. Aldina Gomes , Ms. Lynette Fortes,
Dr. Michelle Fernandes and Ms. Faye Pinto
The faculty members are very accessible to students and are actively involved in providing training and other services to various organizations.
Goals & Objectives….
The primary goal of the department is to foster in students an understanding and appreciation of the scientific approach to describing and explaining behaviour and mental processes. To this end, faculty members strive to provide opportunities for students by conducting regular field trips to NGO’s and rehabilitation centres. The department also conducts inter-disciplinary lecture series on various topics pertaining to Psychology, along with seminars, workshops and talks for the benefit of the students.
Students complete a core set of courses designed to provide comprehensive coverage of theoretical and empirical issues in Psychology and gain research experience as part of their curriculum.   They conduct laboratory experiments on the topics like memory, problem solving, concept formation, personality testing, projective techniques and so on.
Students study various aspects of Psychology, which include Social Psychology, Child Psychology, Psychology of Adjustment, Adolescent Psychology, Health Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Statistics, Positive Psychology, Organisational Behavior, Cognitive Psychology, Theories of Personality, Experimental Psychology besides research in Psychology.
Extracurricular activities…
The department annually hosts various seminar, conferences and Psychology festivals like Persona and Psychomania for students and others at the State and National level. Students are also encouraged to participate at National level program and present papers at the same.
The aim of these activities is to inculcate a scientific temperament amongst the students which also gives them an opportunity to network and broaden their horizon   within the subject of Psychology.
Career options and achievements….
Students are prepared for careers in both academic and applied settings, for positions in colleges and universities, governmental agencies, industrial plants and unions, research organizations, in clinics and schools. Our students have successfully completed their post-graduate training in Psychology at some of the most prestigious universities in India and abroad. They have also pursued careers in education, psychotherapy, law, social work, medicine, and business and have been absorbed by hospitals, NGO’s, schools and Colleges of national and international repute.
Community and extension services….
The department has endeavored to broaden its reach through community interventions. The department offers its services not only to the college students but also the general public though individual assessment and counseling, and by conducting public education workshops in mental health related issues.