The fifth session of the Francisco Luis Gomes Civic Club was held on 27th August 2015 in the college auditorium at 10.30 am. Mr. Gurunath Kelekar and Mr. Bhaskar Nayak were the two eminent personalities for the day.
At the beginning of the session, Mr. Bhaskar Nayak – the Director of Higher Education and the Principal of Government College Quepem, released the second issue of the peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary research journal of Carmel College – Kruti and commended the College on this publication.

Mr. Nayak appreciated Mr. Gurunath Bab for his good work of founding a club to mould people into good citizens.
So who is a good citizen? – was the question posed by Mr. Nayak to the audience. His opinion was that a good citizen was one who abides by the constitution framed by the Constituent Assembly. It was amazing to hear Mr. Nayak recite the Preamble of the Constitution flawlessly.
He stressed on the fact that Fraternity and Secularism which are a part of the Directive Principles of the Constitution, are very unique features of the Constitution. Secularism meant tolerance and acceptance of the minority. He also added that the State and the Church are separated by the concept of secularism.

Mr. Nayak touched upon yet another very important idea – that of humanity. In this regard, he took us back to the good old days of the joint family system, such a family being a nursery of virtues, which groomed its members into good citizens. He regretted that in modern times with the emergence of the nuclear family system replacing the joint family system, children are being left in crèches at tender ages, as a result of which the nurturing of the value system in a child has suffered a setback.
Mr. Nayak stressed on education being the key to equality. The solution to end terrorism he said, lies in the removal of poverty and social education of men.

Mr. Bhaskar spoke eloquently on the great legal luminary Mr. Nana Palkhiwala, whose arguments in court had become quotes for the future. Mr. Nayak concluded his presentation by emphasising on three types of justice – Social, Economic and Political Justice.
Earlier the Civic Club had organized four sessions – the first conducted by Advocate Anvensha Singbal, who condemned male – female differences in our society, and gave students tips on building up positive self-esteem.
Mr. Naguesh Sardessai who was the resource person for the second session, regretted the absence of originality in today’s world, which he said was the outcome of gadgets and highlighted the fact that an enlightened and informed citizen is an asset to the nation and not a liability.

The third session was a short movie titled Race which depicted the importance of having an authorized license at a legal age and the usefulness of helmets. The song Amkam Vatt Melli especially composed by Mr. Gurunath Kelekar for the movie, makes the movie more meaningful.
The fourth session led by Mrs. Auda Viegas centered on reaching out to the less privileged, and not to indulge in the wastage of resources. Creative ideas were floated, substantiated with adequate examples.
All in all the Francisco Luis Gomes Club is making rapid strides with its 35 members deeply committed to the cause of good citizenry.