An Interclass Chemistry Quiz competition was organized on Feb 14, 2018 and co-ordinated by Mr. Daniel Coutinho. A written round was conducted for the students of FY, SY and TYBSc students and four students from each class were shortlisted to comprise two teams of two students each. Ms Asma Kidiyoor and Ms Mabel Alves, S.Y.B.Sc., were declared the winners, Ms Priyanka Naik  and Ms Abigail Rodrigues, T.Y.BSc., were the 1st runners-up, Ms Sonali Singh and Ms Shrushti Manjrekar, FYBSc were the 2nd runners-up. Other teams were Ms. Ruhina Ilkal and Ms. Purnavie Verlekar, T.Y.BSc, Shavonne Rebello and Thrimala Mane, S.Y.BSc., Ms. Alvina Almeida and Ms. Minal Prabhu Velguenkar, F.Y.B.Sc.

      Winners and Participants of CHEMQUIZ  2018 with staff of the Department of Chemistry of Carmel College