Students of Carmel College of Arts, Science and Commerce for Women, Nuvem, Goa made a one day’s visit to the Goa State Central library in Patto, Panjim on 3 March 2017. This was to witness the special exhibition of Goan newspapers with articles, reports and interviews related to the Brazilian poet Cecília Meireles (1901-1964) during her visit to Goa in 1953. It was organized by the Lusophone Society of Goa as part of the 3rd Lusofonia Festival, Goa.

The exhibition featured various Portuguese newspapers such as O Diario de Noite, O Heraldo, O Estado Indiano, and A Vida which were presented to the students by Ms. Nizia Moniz Barbosa do Carmo Lobo who teaches Portuguese in the college. She translated and explained the various Portuguese poems and songs by Cecília Meireles which were displayed on the newspapers. The students enthusiastically listened to her explanation. Cecilia’s sweet words like  ‘Eu levarei Goa para o Brasil dentro do meu coração’ (I will take Goa to Brazil within my heart) and the translation of the national anthem on India into Portuguese were the cream of the cake.

The guest speaker of the event was Jovito Lopes, well-known journalist and a media person who spoke about the activities of the Lusophone Society of Goa. He spoke about the Portuguese days in Goa and advised the students about the job opportunities in various Lusophone countries.  He threw light on the enhancement of one’s career with Portuguese language. Poems by Cecília were read out in Portuguese by Ms. Nizia and Jovito from the volume Travelling and Meditating: Poems Written in India.

It was a very enriching and knowledgeable experience for the students. They also volunteered to ask questions. They appreciated the efforts made by Dr. Brian Mendonça, Assistant Professor of the Department of English at Carmel College who took them for the exhibition.

– By Leontia Fernandes (Student of Portuguese at Carmel College)