Awardees from Carmel College of Arts, Science and Commerce for Women, Nuvem, Goa at the

29th Annual Covocation, 2017 held at the Goa University.


  • Annie Princy Nadar, awarded the Lions club of Margao Silver Jubilee Scholarship for obtaining the highest marks (overall) at the B.Sc. examination;
  • Jenisa Pereira, awarded the Prof. G.D. Parikh Memorial Scholarship for standing first in Political Science at the B.A. examinations;
  • Zuzeth Cardozo, awarded the Dr. R. K. Hazari Memorial Award for standing first in Economics at the B.A. examinations;
  • Janeita Carvalho, awarded the late Shri Peter Alvares Endowment for standing First in History at the B.A. examinations;
  • Janicia Fernandes, awarded the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India Gold Medal for obtaining the highest marks in Accountancy at the B.Com. examination;
  • Andrea Charlane Sequeira, awarded the Mr. Vinayak G.Sinai Kakodkar Gold Medai for standing First in Zoology at the B.Sc. examination;
  • Antoneita Teles, for obtaining second rank at the M.A. Psychology examination;
  • Siya Krishna Shetye for obtaining 3rd rank at the M.A. Psychology examinations.