M.A Department 

Students and faculty of the MA department of Psychology, Carmel College, joined hands in preparing for the annual Christmas party for the marginalized residents of Nuvem, Goa in December 2016.  The Christmas party is an annual event organized in the Post graduate departments of MA and M.Com,

The MA department believes in nurturing the environment and sought to inculcate pro-environmental behaviours, even in party preparations. Decorations were made by the students,  using coloured papers that were used on notice boards and charts.  The take-away gifts were packed in  fancy carry bags, made of old newspapers. The bags were  decorated with recycled greeting cards.


M Com Department

As a part of ‘Carmel for cool world’ initiative, the M.Com Dept. of Carmel College for women distributed 64 saplings to all the staff and students on their birthdays. This was done to cultivate a sense of responsibility among the staff and students towards protecting the environment. The M.Com Dept. has also started giving saplings as memento to all the guest speakers invited by the department to symbolize the importance of protecting environment.


Higher Secondary Section


An initiative budded years back as  a brain child of  Dr. Suvarna Fonseca – the faculty from the Department of Life sciences, Carmel Higher Secondary School within the same premises as that of Carmel College managed by Apostolic Carmel congregation has contributed much in inspiring the youth towards ‘Eco- friendly initiatives’.

Now an organic vegetable garden flourishes within a netted fencing in the campus. The much dedicated & voluntary services offered by Mrs. Belmira – an ex-student & staff of the school is an example which anyone with a passion for gardening can follow. Seasonal vegetables & tubers like tendli, onion, bhendi, brinjal, tambdi &  doyi baji , sweet potato etc. are cultivated in small plots. Some medicinal herbs like tulsi, mint etc. also find its place within this small available space. This  organic produce though not much in quantity , gets sold within the campus itself. The funds collected thus are being utilised for the maintenance of the garden itself.

Mrs. Belmira- an ex-student of Carmel College & presently in the staff of Carmel Higher Secondary School says ‘I forget everything when I am amidst plants’!

She has a beautiful ornamental garden at home with a collection of flowering & foliage plants. It includes Shoe- flowers, Roses, Coleus, Anthuriums  and the like! Belmira even cultivates vegetables in her back yard. The photos attached say it all! The most commendable aspect to be mentioned is – they are all organically grown!

Her family is presently in England & she has maintained a small organic plot there also……………….

Whether it is in India or England the environment is a common wealth..lets us decorate it with more & more colours…

Contribution of Sr. Marinelle

Sr. Marinelle, a lecturer in Carmel Higher Secondary School and a member of Carmel Convent community at Nuvem has transformed a patch of dry waste land to a fruitful vegetable garden. The old patch before  transformation looked like this:

And these are the pictures of how it looks today.

‘Carmel’ means vineyard, a garden, a delectable sight, blooming with fruits, vegetables and flowers full of life and vitality.  I had a vision that I should have a beautiful garden with fresh fruit and vegetales and flowers; where I spend my leisure time with the Lord tending garden and enjoying the bower of its enclosures.  I hop and jump from one patch of vegetables to another, feeling the fresh air touch my skin, the feel of the wetness of the soil, the look of the creepy earthworm wriggling by, the multicoloured butterflies, insects, so tiny and delicate.  To listen to the singing of the birds that pass by.

This was my dream which came to fruition when I created this patch of garden which involved a lot of hard work.  I sought help from the gardener who readily helped me to keep the soil ready.

It was heartening to see tiny little shoots push their way through the soil.  As days went by they grew in strength and texture, bringing out new shoots and leaves one after another.  Soon came the fruit-bearing flowers in various and shapes that brought forth fruit abundantly! So here  is my little patch of heaven…