To instill eco consciousness among the entire Carmel family the botany department of college has initiated an activity   called as CARMEL FOR COOL WORLD.  Students and staff of higher secondary and college   enthusiastically participates in the same by   contributing to the environment


M.A Department 

Students and faculty of the MA department of Psychology, Carmel College, joined hands in preparing for the annual Christmas party for the marginalized residents of Nuvem, Goa in December 2016.  The Christmas party is an annual event organized in the Post graduate departments of MA and M.Com,

The MA department believes in nurturing the environment and sought to inculcate pro-environmental behaviours, even in party preparations. Decorations were made by the students,  using coloured papers that were used on notice boards and charts.  The take-away gifts were packed in  fancy carry bags, made of old newspapers. The bags were  decorated with recycled greeting cards.


M Com Department

As a part of ‘Carmel for cool world’ initiative, the M.Com Dept. of Carmel College for women distributed 64 saplings to all the staff and students on their birthdays. This was done to cultivate a sense of responsibility among the staff and students towards protecting the environment. The M.Com Dept. has also started giving saplings as memento to all the guest speakers invited by the department to symbolize the importance of protecting environment.