The concept

Aimed at instilling  Eco – consciousness and to inspire the people at large to initiate measures for a ‘CLEAN WORLD’, Dr. Mini Vijayan, Associate Professor from  the Department of Botany of our college has launched a program – ‘CARMEL FOR COOL WORLD’. The most beautiful aspect of the program is that the members of ‘Carmel Family’ unite together on this platform  for a ‘Brighter& Cleaner environment’.

Who can participate & contribute:

  • Students as individuals or groups.
  • Staff of Carmel Higher Secondary  School and Carmel College.
  • Various departments of the institution.
  • Ex- students and retired staff members of the school & college including those who are residing outside Goa & India who were once upon a time associated with the institution.
  • Parents of students of the institution.

For this, you only have to:

  • Photodocument (with a 20 words write up) the eco- friendly practices that you have initiated at home, neighbourhood, parish etc. with your name & place of functioning. (Eg. Rita D’Souza, California). Students will mention their names & respective classes and the place where the activity is being done.
  • The contribution may be sent to either of the following E mail Ids: or
  • Your contribution will be uploaded in the institutional website.


Some ‘Home garden’ collections (Location – Pengamuck village, Thrissur, Kerala; Month & Year –November 2017)

Contributed by Dr.Mini N. Vijayan, Dept. of Botany, Carmel College, Goa,India

(E mail ID:

This is an age during which  local flowering plants are loosing their prominence in home gardens and elsewhere. In addition, climate change & erratic seasonal fluctuations are playing havoc with the life cycles of local flora. If observed with passion, we will realize that many of these so called ‘Wild plants’ are best suited for our home gardens, providing beauty & colour to the backdrop! Not just that – most of them have excellent therapeutic properties having anticancerous, antidiabetic, anticholesterolemic, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant components and much more! Needless to say – they can be ‘Herbal home remedies’ for common illnesses like cold, fever, diarrhoea etc.

All of us can have a ‘Wild Flower garden’ – the plants being the ones collected from our neighbourhood, seasonally. The good news is that they are less fussy and needs ‘Zero’ maintenance except the need for water! Remember- such attempts do not end with creating natural and beautiful spaces for a healthy living ;even  saves biodiversity and your garden can be a resource for those who take plant studies seriously! Who knows- a road widening project launched tomorrow may crush these plants under the concrete & tar!

Dear friends, if you are convinced of the ‘Purpose’, start right now the preparation for the  lovely, exclusive  ‘Wild Gardens’!

Photographs of few home garden collections of local flowering plants are given below :

1) 3 varieties of Ixora- a shrub commonly called as ’Flame of the Woods’ because the original variety has bright red –orange flowers like that of flame! Can be easily grown through mature stem cuttings.



2. The ‘Butterfly Pea’- A climber. Propagation through seeds


3. The ‘White Bauhinia’ or ‘Orchid tree’ – small trees with gracefully drooping branches; they are not orchids, probably the beauty of the flowers must have been responsible for this common name! Propagation through seeds.

4. The original red ’Shoe- flowers’ . Propagation through mature stem cuttings.


5.Thulasi – Propagation through seeds.

6.‘The Bael tree’. Grows in the wild.Propagation through seeds.


7.’ The Little Tree Plant’ –‘Mukkutty’ in Malayalam language. A very small wild herb. Looks beautiful on lawns.Propagation thorough seeds.


8.’False daisy’ – a wild herb. Propagation through seeds or from root stocks.


  1. A wild variety of Balsam. Delicate & shade loving. Propagation through seeds.