The concept

Aimed at instilling  Eco – consciousness and to inspire the people at large to initiate measures for a ‘CLEAN WORLD’, Dr. Mini Vijayan, Associate Professor from  the Department of Botany of our college has launched a program – ‘CARMEL FOR COOL WORLD’. The most beautiful aspect of the program is that the members of ‘Carmel Family’ unite together on this platform  for a ‘Brighter& Cleaner environment’.

Who can participate & contribute:

  • Students as individuals or groups.
  • Staff of Carmel Higher Secondary  School and Carmel College.
  • Various departments of the institution.
  • Ex- students and retired staff members of the school & college including those who are residing outside Goa & India who were once upon a time associated with the institution.
  • Parents of students of the institution.

For this, you only have to:

  • Photodocument (with a 20 words write up) the eco- friendly practices that you have initiated at home, neighbourhood, parish etc. with your name & place of functioning. (Eg. Rita D’Souza, California). Students will mention their names & respective classes and the place where the activity is being done.
  • The contribution may be sent to either of the following E mail Ids: or
  • Your contribution will be uploaded in the institutional website.


Contribution by Students and Staff Members 

Practised by Miss Sasha Viegas, Student of T.Y. B.Sc. Zoology

The three pot system: ( A composting method which can be done at home)

Pots 1 & 2 have a perforated nylon meshing at the base. Pot 3 is closed at the base.

Process: Compostable items like banana peels,eggshells,onion peels, remains of fruits and vegetables are crushed/cut to finer pieces and mixed with saw dust and composting liquid, which is then transfered to the first pot. Once the pot is full, it is rotated with the second pot and the process continues and the contents of the first pot(which is now at the second position) is now transferred to the third. After about three to four months the organic matter is converted into rich manure (in pot no. 3) which is used as a natural fertiliser for plants.


 The Organic home garden dearly tended by Mrs. Solly Thomas, Associate Professor, Computer Applications. 

Blooming Orchids, Bethlehem lilly, Adenium, Water lilies and fresh foliage along with bright coloured Bougainvilleas at the entrance provide a special ‘treat’ to the eyes. It becomes an exclusive outdoor space for relaxation for the family members away from the dust and pollution of the crowded city. Moreover it is a haven for children providing a safe & clean habitat for play & party!