The Department of Botany has initiated a movement to help resolve environmental issues: ‘CARMEL 4 COOLWORLD’

Students of Carmel College and Carmel Higher Secondary School are encouraged and invited to be a part of the movement and contribute.

Course of action:
Individuals or Groups of students can take simple initiatives to abandon plastic and promote the use of paper/cloth bags, plant saplings, grow vegetables organically, compost wastes, maintain gardens etc. at home / in the neighbourhood / college or school campus.
Document (photograph) your contribution and send a brief write-up along with the name, class & photograph of participant/participants to the following e-mail:
Last date: 15th January 2017
Award: Cash prize of Rs.1000/-, Certificate of Appreciation and the titles ‘Green Carmelite’ & ‘Green Carmelite Junior’ for:
Best participant from Carmel College & Best participant from Carmel Higher Secondary School

* Faculty members, administrative and support staff are also encouraged to support the movement and send your contribution to the above e-mail.
* Ex-students of Carmel College and Carmel Higher Secondary School can also participate in the movement giving your contribution in your own locality, irrespective of which part of the world you are working/residing. Document & e-mail your contribution to:
• All documentation will be uploaded on the college website.

For further queries contact: Dr. Mini N. Vijayan, Department of Botany, Carmel College, Nuvem, Salcete, Goa.