The Health Cell celebrated World Breast Feeding Week which is celebrated each year from 1st to 7th August. The celebrations were held under the banner ” Moms of Tomorrow” and encompassed two YWCA themes- “Visualizing with Youth ” and “Be a Green Ambassador” as this year the theme was “ Breast feeding-A key to sustainable development”.

A poster competition was held and the posters were displayed in the college. 14 students participated. The posters were well appreciated by the YWCA members. The best two posters were given the prize.

The event began with an explanation of the theme and the need for all young women to know the benefits of breast feeding.This was followed by a skit enacted by 6 staff nurses of DHS. The skit which was presented in Konkani was very well received. This was followed by a breast feeding quiz for the students and prizes were given to those who answered correctly. The “Y” question box was opened and queries in it were answered. The event ended with a video called “Super babies” which was played on screen.