The Department of Computer Applications of Carmel College of Arts, Science, and Commerce, Nuvem, Goa organised a session on blog writing for the B.A. Semester I students of the college on 17th August 2017. Resource person, Dr. Brian Mendonça, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Carmel College, was invited to share his experience of blogging

Ms. Solley Thomas, Associate Professor in the Department introduced Dr. Mendonca. Dr. Mendonça, a traveller-poet,  has been blogging over the last nine years about his travels across India. He has published over 450 blogposts. He is a regular columnist for the Weekender, published by Gomantak Times, every Sunday in Goa.

Blog-writing was discussed as an example of user-generated content  (UGC). Dr. Mendonça curated his blog, named after his debut volume of poems from Goa in 2006, at  He spoke on the genesis of his blog and how it served him well to archive his writing. Since blogging works through internet, one’s writing can be shared with readers globally (unlike print media which is read locally). He shared how he focuses on writing even when he is going through challenging times. The students were encouraged to create their own blogs and to post regularly. Students were  enthusiastic and actively participated in the discussions. The session ended with a message to the students that the present generation is lucky to have a platform like social media and user-generated content like blogs to express their feeling — but it has to be used responsibly.