One Flag, One Land: Carmel College Celebrates America Day


Students of American Studies, of the Department of English, Carmel College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Nuvem, Goa organised an array of fun filled activities to observe ‘America Day’ on 9 July 2016. Blue, red and white, the colour code for the day, reflected the American spirit in the dress and decorations. The event commenced on a high note with the students selling traditional American fast food – hotdogs, fries and coke – which was devoured within seconds! The singing competition ‘Sing for America’ evoked a lot of enthusiasm and excitement among the students. The competition was held in the auditorium which was tastefully decorated with red, white and blue balloons. The stage backdrop was made by Katia with the words ‘One Flag, One Land.’ The competition was categorised into solo, duet and group performances. Popular American songs like ‘Annie’s song’, ‘Country roads, ‘Love me like you do’, ‘Talking to the moon’ and so on left the audience cheering for more. The competition was judged by Shaunaina Baptista, Vinita D’Sa, and Christine Mendonza.

 The celebrations were taken to another exciting level as the students of ‘Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’-Zuarinagar, Vasco joined in and put up a special performance which was loved by all. They also read American poetry. Corrine Fernandes and Affrin Parvin from SY B.A bagged the first and second place in the solo category. Chichi and Cilavo from SY B.A, Desiree Almeida and Melito D’Costa from MA won the first and second place in the duet round. The group performances were won by the M.A and FY B.Sc classes. All the winners received their prizes from Sr. Aradhana AC, Principal of Carmel College and Ms. Elizabeth Valsan, Principal of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and were cheered by the audience. Heloise Pinto did a wonderful job compering the entire show.  Corrine Fernandes proposed the vote of thanks.  Kudos to Sir Brian and the students of American Studies for staging such a phenomenal event!

Report by:- Neha Sadekar, Livancia Costa, Affrin Parvin, Zinaida Furtado, Jewella Valadares, Mohira Turnova