4th July 2017 was a warm birthday celebration of the United States of America in Carmel College of Arts, Science and Commerce for Women, Nuvem, Goa. It was also the sixth anniversary of America day celebrations in Carmel college under the English department, viz. Dr Brian, Ms Glenis, and Ms Roxana and also by the students of American studies.
America day- day of joy, freedom and unity. We shared this tradition of celebrating America in our Goa with enthusiastic students and teachers. We made this event open for everyone to celebrate this great day in our land.
The beautifully decorated hall, with the colours of red, blue and white, was filled with students and teachers of various departments. The posters-filled wall of the hall spoke about the great history, traditions, and culture of America, and of course the whole of America was pictured.  It was a journey through the American States.
The balloons hanging over the hall and the ribbons made us feel the American unity and celebration in our land. The canteen set up by F.Y.B.Com was an amazing attraction of the day. The delicious American snacks like chow chow, lemonade, and hotdogs, which were served pleased the Carmel students by spreading the aroma of America.
The event started with the welcoming of our guest, Principal Dr. Sr Aradhana with the cheering of students. The compères, Ms Payal and Ms Viena, hosted this event with full of enthusiasm. The inaugural address was done by Sr. Aradhana who spoke of the joyous synergy of staff and students. It was followed by an informative speech on the meaning and scope of the course by the head of department Ms Roxana. The initiator of this event, Sir Brian spoke about the tradition of celebrating America day in our college.
FYBcom students presented American music with its full rhythm of knowledge. The political science students, Zenaida and Mohira made a presentation on ‘The Making of Amarica.’ It was coordinated by faculty member, Ms. Nazrana Shaikh . The fancy dress competition was a treat to our ears and eyes. The Statue of liberty and Alice Cullen ( character from the series twilight saga) took the audience to America.
Ex-allied students of American studies spoke about their journey from North to South and East to West of America with fun and music. It was followed by an open mike event. It was a stunning opportunity for the audience to speak about America in 60 seconds. Anisree, Scarlett and Melissa, students of American studies this year, dramatized ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’ — a gothic story by Edgar Allan Poe. Ms Glenis presented an enlightening PPT about jazz and music in America. The event wound up with a rocking musical show of Ms Glenis and Sir Brian singing American hits like ‘Hotel California’ and ‘Country Roads.’

The prize winners were given books by classic American authors. Fancy Dress: I place – Hansie D’Souza, II place – Leontia Fernandes;  Open Mike: I place – Abigail Rodrigues, (T.Y.B.Sc.); II place – Jessa Mascarenhas (F.Y.B.A); Chart Making: I place (S.Y.B.A.)– Elaine Furtado, Gina Lobo, Jofira Gonsalves, II place (TY.B.Com.)– Jewella Valadares, III place (FY.B.Com) – Ashwadhi Rajesh, C. Priyanka, Geeta Rathore, Aloysia Desouza.

The day of America, the day of freedom, the day of opportunities, the day of rejoicing ended with a group photo, the testimony of a great event.