Objective of the Practice:
• To inculcate a sense of belonging to the Alma Mater.
• To be a support system to the Institution in executing its vision.
• To elicit feedback on the efficiency of the programme offered by the Institution.

Need addressed and context:
To liaison with ex-students of the Institution and tap the resources available for furthering the Institutional goals.

The Practice:
• The Alumni Association has a formal organizational structure with an executive committee that plans its activities.
• The members offer their expertise for institutional programmes.
• The Alumni Association has instituted prizes for students excelling in academics.

Evidence of Success:
• Help and support comes from the Alumni association as and when requested.
• Activities organized and executed by the Alumni Association have a good response. However the Alumni Association needs to be rejuvenated for greater output.

Every year a token amount is contributed towards the Carmelex fund by the graduating students.


The President of the Carmel-ex Association.

Carmelex Association Registration Form


Year of Registration: 
Registration fee     Rs. 50/-
Maiden Name: 
Year of passing Stream
Address(present): Phone No.: 
Permanent Address: 
Husband’s Name: 
E-mail Address: 
 As an Ex-student: 
         a. What are your expectations of your college?
         b. What would you like to do for the college
         c. Any other suggestion?