A group of 16 students of BSc Zoology semester VI participated in a 2 day short term training programme on Aquaculture conducted by Directorate of Fisheries, Government of Goa at Fisheries training Center, Ela Dhauji, and Old Goa on 24th and 25th January 2018. The students were accompanied by Dr. Subhadra Devi Gadi and Ms. Swizzle Furtado.

On the first day, the session started with a lecture on “Pearl Culture in Freshwater Mussels- Lamellidens sp.” by Dr. Hrishikesh Pawar, Subject matter expert, KVK, South Goa.

During post lunch session, documentary films on Oyster and Mussel culture were shown. This was followed by visit to brackish water ponds at Dhauji. Ms. Roshni Naik, the technician, explained to the students about crab culture.

Next day i.e on 25th January 2018, there was a talk on “Seahorse Culture” by Dr. Hrishikesh Pawar. He explained the technique of culturing seahorse in brackish water.

The group then proceeded to Anjunem Dam. After which the group returned to Ela Dhauji Farm for the concluding session.